Taster Space

Taster Space

We know feeding kids is tricky and complex and filled with many questions: Are they getting enough? Will they be okay? Will they ever eat a vegetable?


We created Taster Space for you, too! This little box is an all-inclusive environment to encourage your child or student to explore the food frontier through fun food exploration, hands-on activities and kid-friendly recipes.


Taster Space was developed using two evidence-based behavioral strategies; repetitive exposure and Sensory-Based Food Educations. We know repeated opportunities to interact with foods results in increased liking and consumption. Taster Space uses sensory education methods to offer activities for the learning process via participants' senses by smelling, touching, hearing, seeing, and tasting food. 

Taster Space acts as a resource to expand the important early food experiences needed to develop healthy food preferences. Our hope is that Taster Space and food exploration is continued in your home long past program completion.  

This program is funded through the Paso del Norte Health Foundation.