The Future Is Promising

Our mission has and will always be to provide economic sustainability for our local farms. One of the more obvious ways we do this is through our farm box program. The other, less obvious ways, are through our marketing, community partnerships, production planning, investments, and outreach. We have dedicated ourselves to this mission and will continue to uphold our mission with the programs we create.

When we started down this path, we were only sourcing local items and faced a great deal of barriers along the way. We were forced to analyze the effectiveness of our programs to our goals of providing economic sustainability for local farms. How do we balance the support of our local farms with the growth of the food hub?

Our answer in the past was very one dimensional, we grow with the farms. We had envisioned to only grow as fast as our local farms. Well, the reality is that not all farms grow at the same rate. This one dimensional approach just wasn’t sustainable for us as a food fub nor for our local farmers.

So, we went back to the drawing board and looked at ways to improve and maintain longevity, not only for our members but for our local farms too. We have amazing partners in northern New Mexico, Arizona and California that share in this mission to provide economic support to local, regional, and sustainable farms. In the past, we’ve limited our purchasing ability strictly to a 400-mile radius which also has limited our financial support to the same organizations that have long been involved in the local food movement. While it was nice to have a strict local radius, it also placed blinders on us in regards to the interconnectedness of food. It’s not so black and white and neither are our diets.

When high-production crops like spinach are in season, our local farmers will know that we will take as much as they can give us because our numbers will not be dependent on whether or not we can get enough other local items to fulfill our box. Instead we will purchase as many bunches of spinach as possible, combine it with as much locally produced items available, and supplement at times with consciously sourced non-local items.

We want you to have confidence that this is not a different direction for us, it’s just a more sustainable adjustment on the same path. We will always maintain our commitment to filling our boxes with as much locally produced fruits and vegetables available to us and will continue our dedication to invest and support the growth of our local farms.

This adjustment will help our program to expand which then allows us to source more locally produced items. We hope that this will provide a long term sustainable market for our local farmers and increase our profitability, which ultimately ensures that we can stick around not only for our local farmers but also for members like you!

The future is promising but it’s time to roll up our sleeves and join the fight with our regional partners and we hope you’ll join us! Creating a more fair, sustainable, and transparent food system for our region is our utmost priority but we are equally focused on ensuring the best experience around local and seasonal eating for you and our community. As always, please do not hesitate to contact us with any concerns or questions you may have regarding our practices. We are forever grateful for your continued support.


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