Desert Spoon operates as a non-profit food hub serving the Paso Del Norte Region, increasing access to affordable, healthy locally grown food in ways that improve community health, benefit small and mid-sized farms, and generate significant impact on our regions local economy.  Our emphasis is placed on the economic advancement of low-income small farmers, education on issues related to healthy food systems, and the development and management of food based economic development projects.

Agriculture in the Paso Del Norte region is characterized by declining numbers of small and mid-sized farms. Our region relies heavily on a food system designed for efficiency and durability rather than nutritional quality and socioeconomic community impacts. The challenge presented by the lack of access to health food has resulted in high rates of malnutrition, obesity, and increased health disparities in the region including increased rates of diabetes, heart disease, and cancers.  This is a great concern for the health of our community; we cannot have good public health without a healthy food supply, and we cannot have a healthy food supply without a healthy sustainable food system. The economy, the environment, and the food supply are all part of the biological and social environment in which we exist.

We serve a crucial, but often invisible, part of the local food system acting as a facilitator by our values-based approach to ensure all entities along the supply chain, from farmers and farmworkers to consumers, benefit from our food systems model.

Our Services

  • Actively coordinate, market, aggregate and distribute locally and regionally sourced foods through the creation and expansion of fair market channels for local food.

  • Facilitate relationships between farmers, consumers, and wholesale buyers to return a greater economic return to our local farmers and community.

  • Provide community education and outreach for the purpose of increasing knowledge of our local farms and the important role they play in cultivating a healthy and vibrant community.

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Our Team


Adriana Clowe, Director of Operations

Contact Adriana: adriana@desertspoonfoodhub.org


Patsy Stallworth, Director of Public Relations

Contact Patsy: patsy@desertspoonfoodhub.org


Vanessa Brady, Director of Brand Management

Contact Vanessa: vanessa@desertspoonfoodhub.org